When did Education become so much fun?

STEA group pic

LMU students at the S.T.E.A. Leadership Conference

As you all know by now(hopefully) I am a Music Education major here at LMU. If you didn’t…well now you do! Each semester there is a S.T.E.A. Leadership conference in Nashville, TN. S.T.E.A. is the Student Tennessee Education Association. Each state has its own respective association, and each post-secondary school that has a teacher preparatory program is a member.
Last Friday and Saturday I, along with other LMU students, took part in the Fall 2013 Leadership Conference.

The LMU Education program does not require attendance to the S.T.E.A. conferences, but highly recommend education majors attend. Not only was it a great experience to see other students from across the state going through similar programs as me, but I also went to 3 Professional Development Seminars. S.T.E.A. brought in professors from across the state to teach sessions on topics such as Classroom Management, Praxis Testing, and Whole Brain Teaching.

Magic School Bus

Magic School Bus

But the Conference was not all work! Friday, when we arrived, the entire conference was dressed in themed costumes from Educational Animated Television shows. LMU chose to represent the Magic School Bus. The entire group was dressed as middle school students and we even had a school bus made by one of the education classes!

One thing LMU prides itself on each year at S.T.E.A. is winning the Spirit Award. The award is presented to the school that displays the most excitement and participation during the conference. Later in the post I will share some events that we participated in that helped boost our points with the judges.  For the past several years LMU has won this award. We are judged throughout the two days on our participation in the games, our costumes, and the overall excitement from each school. During the Spring S.T.E.A. Conference we will find out the results of the Spirit Award.

Extreme Musical Chairs Champion Sarah Bean!!

Extreme Musical Chairs Champion!!

After dinner on Friday, there were several games we all were involved in. In true teacher fashion our first game was “Extreme Musical Chairs,” and it was hilarious to watch. I didn’t last long but I am proud to say one of LMU’s very own beat out everyone at the conference. I don’t ever remember seeing musical chairs played with such intensity.

No party would be complete without Karaoke! There is nothing better than hearing a room full of future educators sing. I don’t know which performance was better, our S.T.E.A. President-Elect singing Shania Twain’s “I Feel Like a Woman” or LMU’s own S.T.E.A. Chapter President singing a Backstreet Boys classic “I Want it That Way.” I know the highlight of my night was the Soul Train Line. They had some great Motown music playing as two-by-two people danced their way down the line. I had the best partner on one of my trips down the line. I was able to talk Dr. Okie Wolfe into being my partner. Dr. Wolfe is a legend at this school. She has been teaching here the longest out of all LMU’s faculty. I enjoyed a class she taught on Diverse Teaching Styles during my freshman year, and it to this day it has been one of my favorites. Dr. Wolfe is so full of knowledge that I couldn’t help but want to soak everything in from her class. Even now that I am not in any of her classes I still learn from her just by being around her. I could not believe how many professors from other programs were excited to see her, and tell her how much they love her work. Dr. Wolfe is an asset to the foundation, and continuing excellence of LMU’s Education Program. If it wasn’t for fear of me failing any potential classes she may teach, the video of that dance will remain on my phone! But feel free to ask me in person to check it out.


LMU students dressed up as literary characters Dick and Jane!

Now to fill you all in on the business portion of the conference. During the fall students from across the state are nominated to attend the Tennessee Education Association(T.E.A.)  Representative Assembly, and the National Education Association(N.E.A.) Representative Assembly. These are opportunities for educators to submit bills to amend education standards across the country and within Tennessee. This year the T.E.A. RA was held in Nashville, and the N.E.A. RA was held in Boulder, Colorado.

There is an election process that will start in the spring, and students across the state of Tennessee will vote on who will represent S.T.E.A. at the state and national levels. From LMU there were three students nominated to be placed on the ballot. It is a great honor and responsibility to not only represent our school, but to also represent the S.T.E.A. at these respected associations.

To all of you prospective students and even current underclassmen looking at majoring in Education at LMU, being at this conference showed me how prepared I will be when I graduate. I am not embellishing any details when I say that students at other schools getting ready to student teach didn’t know a lot of the information I did, and I just started the education program. I’m even talking about some of the “big” schools, too. After talking to some of the other students from LMU they noticed the same thing. LMU has a very strong Education Program, and from what I witnessed this weekend it is the best. Not to mention the coolest, but I may be a little bias.

This was my first trip to Nashville, and it was awesome! I am really looking forward to going back in the spring. Feel free to email me if you have any other questions with the Education Department or Music Department! There is so much that goes on, and it is all relevant and interesting. In November the department will be going to Cherokee, North Carolina, so look out for a post over that trip also!


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